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Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

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2020 Italian Greyhound 13 Month Calendars

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Italian Greyhound Rescue Colorado


CO Rescue Reps

Adopt an IG
Bobbie L.
Denver, CO
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Surrender an IG
Gretchen C.
Denver, CO
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General Inquiries
Vivian Leaver-Hauschulz
Centennial, CO
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The Colorado chapter of the Italian Greyhound Rescue was started in the Denver area in 2003 by a local Italian Greyhound breeder who realized the need for a service to rehome IGs hit by misfortune. It was around this same time that the very first foster home signed on, and when playdays (meetups) also started happening. Most foster homes and volunteers came to the rescue through word of mouth, drumming up help during the playdates, and include IG owners and breeders throughout Colorado. Over the course of the years they have expanded to serve all of Colorado, much of Wyoming, New Mexico and Utah too.

Italian Greyhound playdates are held once a month generally. Available information for each meet-up, who's attending, and any themes are posted on meetup.com. Some events include other fun activities for all attendees to enjoy too. The group meets throughout the year, and in various cities throughout Colorado so that Italian Greyhound owners from all areas can attend. The playdates are very popular with people and dogs alike. It's not uncommon to see 30 or 40 IGs racing around, playing, and kissing anyone who sits still long enough to get the love.

In Colorado, one of the largest challenges to doing rescue is covering so much area, including some of the more remote mountainous areas. With the largest concentration of people are in the Denver Metro area, most foster homes and volunteers are located there as well. A handful of volunteers are willing to make a road trip to do home visits, and pick up surrenders. But it's always a challenge to coordinate schedules in order to get things done. Due to the constant challenge of having enough foster homes, we have occasionally worked with other rescue organizations locally. And, for a few years Wiseguys Italian Greyhound Rescue helped serve Colorado due to the number of dogs needing assistance throughout the state. The Colorado group will work with other small dog rescues to intake pure-bred iggys, to place mixed Italian Greyhounds, or to send inquiries about non-IGs.

Facebook and the web have helped to bring in volunteers and donations when the rescue is under pressure to help more. The Colorado Italian Greyhound rescue has dozens of volunteers listed on our roster, although a smaller group people do the majority of the fostering and other work needed to keep the organization running.

The Colorado Italian Greyhound Rescue averages around 25 adoptions each year. Our adoptable dogs can be found on the Petfinder site for Colorado Italian Greyhound Rescue. Even more pictures and comments about our dogs can also be found on the Colorado Italian Greyhound Rescue Facebook page. There are always have a group of wonderful seniors waiting for their home to come along, so don't overlook these sweet fosters. Plus, a few Italian Greyhounds in long-term hospice care who can be sponsored by making a donation.

Local Meetups