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Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

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Italian Greyhound Rescue Hawaii


HI Rescue Reps

Carla Favata
Honolulu, HI
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Italian Greyhound Rescue Hawaii began on Oahu in November of 2008. About a month earlier the founding rescue representative of Italian Greyhound Rescue Hawaii was alerted about an Italian Greyhound up for adoption at the Hawaiian Humane Society. Since Hawaii did not have an Italian Greyhound breed specific rescue, the first rescuer adopted him on her own thinking she would foster him and find him a home. He got along so well with their other Italian Greyhounds that she decided he would stay for good. At this time, she decided to get involved with IGCA Rescue in the event another Italian Greyhound was in need. She contacted the appropriate people and submitted her application which was quickly approved just in time for two females to come in to rescue.

IG Rescue in Hawaii has averaged about 6 dogs per year, and serves the entire state of Hawaii. They are at times faced with the challenge of flying in dogs needing rescue from other Hawaiian islands, and are often holding fundraisers to help with these costs. They have also adopted to experienced Italian Greyhound owners on other Hawaiian islands. Due to Hawaii being a rabies-free state and their strict quarantine guidelines, puppies must be imported from other rabies-free countries, so it is fortunate for Italian Greyhound Rescue Hawaii that people can not bring in puppies from the mainland. Most of the pet stores that were importing Italian Greyhounds from Australia have shut down. Italian Greyhound Rescue Hawaii has remained a small rescue, with just one or two foster homes, due to the number of Italian Greyhounds in need within Hawaii being low.

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