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Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

Sponsored by the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation

2020 Italian Greyhound 13 Month Calendars

A 8.5" x 11" full color calendar featuring Italian Greyhounds and animal pets from every walk of life. Only $12 with shipping included.

All sales benefit IGRF to help pay our vet bills.

Limited supply available so click here to buy one before their gone!

Memorial Donations

A memorial gift to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation on behalf of a friend or loved one is a thoughtful way to honor that special person, or a for beloved pet who has passed on. Giving to the IGRF is a way to honor your loved one's support for an organization that provides temporary care and shelter for homeless Italian Greyhound dogs throughout the United States.

Commemorating a Person

Losing a family member or friend is always difficult. Memorializing a person can be done many different ways, and contributing toward a favorite organization is an excellent way to preserve the memory of that person. Families often have memorial or estate decisions after a person has passed on, and a charitable donation may be a better option for the family over a physical gift. If the person owned an Italian Greyhound at the time of passing, please also consider the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation to shelter any displaced Italian Greyhounds until a new home can be found.

Family Giving In Memory of a Pet

Families often choose to memorialize a lost pet by making contributions to help cover medical costs for dogs who have been surrendered to rescue. Children also can take comfort in the fact that a donation will care for Italian Greyhounds while they are waiting for a forever home. Sometimes families will select a specific Italian Greyhound for which they would like their donation to support directly because it looks similar to, or the description of the dog sounds familiar to a former pet.

Donating to Honor a Friend or Family Pet Loss

Sometimes words just don't convey all that you want to say, especially when it involves the loss of a special pet belonging to a close friend or family member. There is often a period of recovery needed after a pet loss, before a new one should be considered. Other people reach a point in their life where a new pet may be too overwhelming physically. In such situations a memorial gift to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation may be greatly appreciated.

Workplace Memorials In Honor of a Co-worker

If you have lost a co-worker who has been involved in helping animals in any capacity, an office donation in memory of that person is a wonderful way to show appreciation to their family. Families can sometimes be overwhelmed with plants, flowers or other gifts, and giving a donation to a favorite charity is a refreshing idea to show your company truly cares and really did know the importance of pets in a person's life.

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