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Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

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Italian Greyhound Rehoming & Rescue in Iowa


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Jodi McShannon
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The Italian Greyhound Rehoming and Rescue in Iowa initially had an rescue representative in the late 1990's, covering the quad-cities area. This rescue effort lasted for a few years, and after that the state had a couple of people volunteering to help transport dogs out-of-state and conduct home visits. A few years after the Nebraska group started up, coverage took hold in Iowa starting in Sioux City where it slowly spread East. Iowa has had foster homes between 2000 and 2015 in Sioux City, Des Moines, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids and Davenport. But, the reach of those volunteers is great and they are able to cover the entire state generally in accepting foster dogs, and placing them in new homes everywhere.

Volunteers in Iowa can sometimes be found at the Great Iowa Pet Expo, at other random events throughout the state at other times of the year, or at an occasional booth in a retail chain even. Given Iowa's location between Nebraska, Minnesota, and Illinois, there has frequently been transports between the states to get dogs in to foster homes, or to adoptive homes too. The Southern side of Iowa is sparsely populated and proves to be the most challenging area to cover in the state, sometimes requiring volunteers to drive up to 3 hours each direction in order to facilitate adoptions or surrenders.

The logo for Iowa, was designed by a student who was looking for a class project. It is inspired by works done by Grant Wood, an Iowa painter who painted landscapes of farmland, as well as the well-known classic painting "American Gothic". The same student also designed a new website layout for the Nebraska website, as well as the first design for the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation website nationally.

Iowa Voters for Companion Animals

We support the efforts of Iowa Voters for Companion Animals in helping create and strengthen legislation involving the treatment of both companion animals and those raised in breeding facilities within the State of Iowa.

The Italian Greyhound Rehoming and Rescue in Iowa is a licensed animal rescue organization by the Iowa Department of Agriculture within the State of Iowa.

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