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Nebraska Italian Greyhound Rescue


NE Rescue Reps

Jodi McShannon
Omaha, NE
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The Nebraska Italian Greyhound Rescue has been an affiliate of the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation since November 2003. They adopt Italian Greyhounds to all corners of State of Nebraska, and every point in-between. Before the Nebraska IG Rescue started in the Lincoln and Omaha areas, the nearest rescue was located in Kansas City, MO, roughly 200 miles away or a 3 hour drive from either city. Coverage throughout the rest of the state did not exist for years thereafter. Now, with the help of many volunteers and previous adopters, the Nebraska affiliate now blankets the entire state to adopt dogs and accept surrenders.

In 2003, the Nebraska Italian Greyhound Rescue, then based in Lincoln, rehomed only two Italian Greyhounds. In 2004, the group created their first website to highlight adoptable pets in Nebraska and quickly realized there were many more dogs in need of assistance than was previously realized. By the end of their second year they were able to find homes for 12 additional IGs. Soon they picked up foster homes in the Omaha metro area, and over time people from both Northern and Western Nebraska jumped on-board to help foster and place the dogs. Within the next few years the Nebraska group averaged between 25-30 placements annually, and were holding regular play groups for Italian Greyhounds and their owners in the both Lincoln and Omaha areas. Dogs were adopted locally, to nearby states, and even as far as Winnipeg, Manitoba, since there were not any Italian Greyhound rescues adopting to the areas North of Nebraska.

Even after a decade, the number of dogs needing assistance has stayed fairly constant and they place roughly 25 Italian Greyhounds in new homes annually. There are Italian Greyhound owners in all corners of Nebraska, and many of those have found homes via the Nebraska group. There are still regular play group meetings, that often attract 30-50 Italian Greyhounds at each event.

Many people ask us why there is a need to have an Italian Greyhound Rescue in Nebraska. The primary reasons are because of over-breeding, and people not being informed about the breed before purchase. Over the years the Nebraska group has taken in dogs from individuals or families for a variety of reasons, and even from a few state mandated shut-downs of breeding facilities.

Nebraska Rescue Council - Saving Animals Together

The Nebraska Italian Greyhound Rescue joined the Nebraska Rescue Council in 2010 to partner with other local rescues and shelters representing all breeds and types of animals to help place more homeless pets in homes. They also maintain working relationships with many of the humane societies throughout Nebraska, so when an iggy is surrendered to a shelter, it can immediately be placed in a foster home, sparing the loneliness encountered in a kennel without the companionship of people or other dogs. The Nebraska Italian Greyhound Rescue is licensed by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture as a rescue organization, as required by Nebraska law, and also registered in local communities were required.

The Nebraska IG Rescue has foster homes or volunteers across the State of Nebraska, and regularly has dogs available for adoption in Lincoln, Omaha, Sioux City, and the tri-cities area in central Nebraska.

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