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Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

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South Dakota Italian Greyhound Rescue

SD Rescue Reps

Northern SD
Michelle Mehling
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Southern SD
Jodi McShannon
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Throughout history of the IGCA Rescue, South Dakota has not had permanent rescue group within it, but has been covered by the surrounding states to help intake any dogs or adopt dogs throughout the state. Although there are not representatives living within South Dakota, a few IGCA adopters and supporters around South Dakota have handled any requests when they arise. Adoptions and surrenders have generally happened in the Sioux Falls and Rapid City areas, with a few others happening in the North Central areas of the state too. There is a group of IG owners and fanciers who have put together the Sioux Empire Italian Greyhound Community on Facebook, who sometimes host IG events and online discussions.

The North Sioux City and Vermilion areas have generally been served by the Nebraska Italian Greyhound Rescue, while the Western areas including Rapid City have often been shared by the Nebraska and Colorado affiliates depending on availability of volunteers. The Sioux Falls area was at first handled by the Nebraska group, but since 2012 the Italian Greyhound Rescue of North Dakota and Minnesota has been handling more adoptions and surrenders given there is a regular transport which goes between Sioux Falls and Minneapolis.

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