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Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

Sponsored by the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation

Want to know what our rescue does?

Check out this really cool video some of our volunteers put together highlighting a few
Italian Greyhounds we have helped in 2018.

Consider supporting the Italian Greyhound Rescue this holiday season, or throughout the
entire year by joining the Circle of Caring.

Report a Stray or Found Italian Greyhound

A lost IG is likely scared and looking for it's owner, if you have seen a stray Italian Greyhound or been feeding one recently, please let us know. The best thing to do is to provide it a reliable food and water source so it keeps returning to the same area. If you chase the dog, it may not return. So, building trust by providing food and water and even shelter may be the best option to helping reunite a lost Italian Greyhound with a worried family. Please complete the form below and an email will be sent to your local Italian Greyhound rescue affiliate so they can help provide further advice and help with the lost IG.

Report A Stray or Found Italian Greyhound

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Location of Dog(s)



Please describe when and where the dog was last seen in more detail, if it is returning regularly, a description of the Italian Greyhound (color, pattern, unique marks or features), etc. If the dog is in your possession, does it have any tags included with a name of the dog, a rabies tag or any other information on a collar we may be able to use to find an owner?

Rescue Recovery Tag

Every adopted dog is provided a Rescue Recovery tag with a toll-free number to help reunite it with a family. Submit the six digit code on the tag, if available. If the found IG does not have such a tag, please skip this section. We try to reunite any lost Italian Greyhound with their family, regardless of where it originated.

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