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Frequently Asked Questions When Adopting An Italian Greyhound

Selecting a Dog

Should I get a puppy?

That all depends on your house. Take in to consideration if you have small children, older dogs who may not like puppy energy, and your schedule when considering if a puppy is right. Often we find people are happier adopting a dog that is a few years old who is out of the puppy chewing, peeing, barking, high-energy, and all of the other joys that come with adopting a young puppy stages.

Can I adopt a dog from another state?

A rescue representative may consider your application for dogs in nearby states if you are approved to adopt, but you must apply to adopt through the representative in your state. Once you are approved, then they will communicate with other state representatives about potential matches for your home, or dogs in which you have expressed interest.

Can I get a puppy that is not spayed or neutered from the Italian Greyhound Rescue?

No. We spay or neuter all dogs no matter what age. There are already far too many Italian Greyhounds needing homes, and we discourage more being produced either intentionally or by accident without the proper health screening to prevent genetic issues or diseases from being passed along. A very small percentage of dogs can't be fixed due to health issues, but this is extremely rare.

What combination of males and females is best?

The most important factor to consider is how dominant any existing pets are in the household. It is best to avoid putting two dominant dogs, or two "pack leaders" together as they will likely quarrel. It is better to pair a dominant dog with a less dominant dog to ensure a peaceful transition.

If we had to generalize, females tend to have more issues integrating with other females. Males often will be fine being put in a household with a female or male dog. But, as stated above the best is to avoid putting two dominant dogs in a home together.

Can I give a dog as a gift? And without the person knowing?

If you would like to give a dog as a gift, that person must be involved in the adoption process. If you want to give a dog as a surprise, we recommend that you give a gift of a dog bowl, collar or other dog supplies as the gift with the understanding you will help them with the adoption costs, but they have to be involved in selecting the particular breed and/or dog.

When you give any dog as a gift, it is important to ensure that all things are considered and that particular dog or breed will fit in the person's lifestyle. The bond between the person and a dog must be strong so that the dog does not end up being dumped in a shelter or returned to a rescue. Involving the receiver in the decisions regarding an adoption or purchase of a pet can help ensure a much better end result, than a surprise gift of a pet they were not prepared to receive.

Am I allowed to adopt a pair of IGs?

If you are a first-time Italian Greyhound owner, we recommend you only adopt one dog at a time. Since IGs are a little more demanding than many breeds, and more difficult to potty train, taking on two dogs at the same time may cause a lot more difficulty than a single dog. Once the first dog is completely settled and trained, then you can consider adding a second one within a few months at the earliest.

For households who have owned Italian Greyhounds before, we may consider adopting out more than one IG. Sometimes we do get bonded pairs of dogs in to rescue who will do better being re-homed with their companion, and we try to take that in to consideration when placing a pair of dogs.

Can I have a trial period to see if a dog works in my house?

We do not offer a trail period before adopting a dog. We try to "check out" a home thoroughly enough to know that a dog placement will be successful. Our rescue reps may hold a check for one or two days to ensure there are not major issues that arise, but this is not a trial period by any means. Any injuries that occur after the adoption contracts are signed are the responsibility of the new owners.

Can I adopt a dog if I surrendered an Italian Greyhound to the IGRF in the past?

Please provide an explanation of why you previously surrendered an Italian Greyhound in the past, and we take each case in to consideration when determining eligibility to adopt in combination with the overall adoption application. If you have surrendered an iggy in the past, it does not mean you will be automatically denied to adopt a dog in the future.

Shipping & Costs

Can I get a lower adoption donation or have it waived?

Our local and state rescue representatives cannot just lower an adoption donation because they are asked, they have to go through an approval process for this to happen. We are a non-profit, and therefore operate with no profit margin. All of the veterinary costs are paid via our adoption donations, and supplemented by fundraisers and donations we receive. Our adoption donations are maintained at a level that will allow the IGRF to continue operating in to the future.

On some senior, special needs or dogs that have been in rescue for a year or longer, the regional coordinators do have some discretion to lower the adoption fees. However, we have to balance the money we have spent on veterinary costs against what a dog can be adopted for in order to continue helping Italian Greyhounds needing re-homed throughout the country.

Do you ship dogs?

No, we do not ship dogs. If you adopt a dog then you are responsible for picking it up in-person, paying all costs related for transport (including health certificates if required), etc. If you fly to pick up the dog it must be carried back in-cabin according to the airline rules set forth by the individual carriers. Transporting an Italian Greyhound presents a great risk to losing the dog due to unfamiliar surroundings, people, sounds and the overall scary experience.

Depending on the location, availability of volunteers and other factors we may be able to help move the dog short distances, but usually not more than an hour or two in any direction.

Can I adopt from outside the USA?

We do adopt dogs to areas just inside the Canada border regularly, however other areas may present a challenge when trying to coordinate a home visit. We are also careful when addressing emails from outside of North America because of the high probability it could be a scam.

In any adoption which crosses a country border, a health certificate, proof of vaccinations and ownership is required at a minimum, upon arrival to a port of entry. Any associated costs are incurred by the adopters in these circumstances, and we will cooperate in helping provide such documentation from when the pet received care while in an IGRF foster home.

Denials to Adopt

If I am denied to adopt in one state, can I apply in another state?

You can only apply to adopt in the state in which you reside. If you have multiple residences, and apply in multiple states, our rescue representatives keep a database of people who have applied to adopt and cross-check names to avoid duplication of effort in approving homes.

If you apply to adopt in a state where you do not reside, the rescue representative of that state will refer you back to the rescue representative of the state where you live.

If I am denied will I eventually be eligible for adoption again?

It all depends on the reason and circumstances why you were denied to adopt, and eligibility to adopt again is at the discretion of the approval committee when reviewing your adoption application.

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