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Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

Sponsored by the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation

Want to know what our rescue does?

Check out this really cool video some of our volunteers put together highlighting a few
Italian Greyhounds we have helped in 2018.

Consider supporting the Italian Greyhound Rescue this holiday season, or throughout the
entire year by joining the Circle of Caring.

Circle of Caring

Over the past 10 years the numbers of dogs entering IGCA Rescue has increased dramatically. Some years rescue provides temporary homes and medical care for nearly 1000 Italian Greyhounds. Every dog is provided with an evaluation by an experienced Rescue Rep, veterinary care if necessary (and that care is usually necessary), spay/neuter, plus a collar and leash. Most of these dogs ultimately are placed in loving homes. Dogs benefit and people benefit. The canine gift of love is unconditional and forever. Dog lovers understand that we owe our dogs a debt that can never be repaid. One of the few things that we can do is to make a permanent commitment to helping their kind.

It would be so great if Rescue could count on a steady revenue each month to help these little guys in need. Therefore, we are asking that you consider joining the IGCA Circle of Caring by donating just $5, $10 or $20 or $50 per month through your paypal or credit card account by making an ongoing donation per month ...more good things will happen than you could ever imagine! After clicking on the donate button you will be directed to the PayPal site to complete signup. You can sign up using PayPal or by clicking on the Credit Card link on that page. You will be making a positive difference in the lives of these little dogs that you love so much. And your kindness will be recognized. The names of all donors (except those who do not wish to be listed) will be placed below in the IGCA Circle of Caring. However, all donors will be listed regardless of donation amount. We hope that most of you choose to be listed. This will encourage others to join. When people visit the IGCA website we want them to know that IG lovers are special people with real character and caring. And we want them to know that there are A LOT OF US who love this breed. All donations to IGRF are tax-deductible. The Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation.

The dogs of Italian Greyhound Rescue are in need and they quite literally have no one else. Dog lovers are the finest people in the world. We have hearts and we care about a species other than our own. Join the ranks of Italian Greyhound lovers everywhere. Please join me in supporting the IGCA Rescue Circle of Giving.

Judy Longhouse
Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue
Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation

Circle of Caring Signup

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Current Circle of Caring Members

Audrey Sutton - Honorary Member
Barbara Birt Sherry Phillips
Bill Schilz Lisa Ferrugiaro
Cailin Heffernan Loren Keiser
Patty Buck Tanya Moore
Carolyn LeVeque Mary Madden
Cynthia Catts Janet Barthman
Dana Cox Paul Girdany
Dancing Thru Pregnancy Rosie Philips
Danielle Famolare Sandy Katz
Dianne Beeber Sondra Grumbein
Doreen Wonderlick Susan Standing
Christian Reed Dog Oiler
Jae Alexander Teri Wood
Karen DiRocco Cynthia Grob
Judith Longhouse Patty Woodbury
Judith Much Michael Voloudakis
Sonia Gluppe Christine Phillibotte
Rita Geer Danielle Allard
Debra Dallas Karen Brown
Veronica Heslip Lilian Barber
Cindy's Skincare Colleen Edwards

A huge thank you, shake of the paw, and bow are extended to our generous supporters from our volunteers, and especially from all of the dogs helped by their support. We thank all of our current Circle of Caring members and hope to see your name on this page soon too!

Italian Greyhound Club of America
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