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Finding the Perfect Italian Greyhound

Throughout the USA, almost every state has a handful of Italian Greyhounds surrendered to rescue every month. There is constant turnover of IGs that arrive or get adopted, and many of the iggies we adopt don't even end up being posted on a website because they go to pre-approved homes. So, just because you may not see an Italian Greyhound fitting your home listed online, then you should contact you local rescue representative to see what other dogs may be available and express your interest in adopting.

Below are a few suggestions on how to find the perfect dog for your home.

Contact A Rescue Representative

We will only know you are looking for an Italian Greyhound if you let us know! So, please email your local rescue representative and get the conversation started. When you contact them, they will likely ask you to complete an adoption application which will give them an idea of what type of IG you want, brief information about your home, and a little about your schedule. This will help them determine which foster iggies may be a good fit for your home, eliminate dogs from consideration that may not be a good fit, or even recommend other Italian Greyhounds that could be a better fit. We want to place all of our foster dogs in homes where they will thrive, so being honest in your answers will help ensure a good fit for your home and schedule.

Notification of New IGs

Some states send out newsletters highlighting the new adoptable IGs in the area who are available for adoption, while others simply post them on their website or social media pages (facebook, etc.). Keep an eye out on your local website(s) to see what Italian Greyhounds are become available for adoption, and give your local rescue representative a heads up when a dog appears that catches your interest. It is of great benefit to submit an adoption application early, so if an Italian Greyhound matching your home arrives we can place it directly in your home without needing to find space in a foster home beforehand.

Waiting Lists

Since each state affiliate is a small group of foster homes, we don't have endless space to house the Italian Greyhounds in need of foster care. So, we do often have "waiting lists" of dogs who are patiently waiting for space to become available at a foster home. One reason that rescue representatives encourage you to put in an adoption application is so that they may even be able to match you with an iggy who is waiting to come in to rescue.

Rarely we have people who want to adopt dogs, but there are not any fitting dogs at that particular time. When this happens we keep the applications on-file and will work to match incoming IGs with those homes too. If you are particularly picky about color, age, a characteristic or combination thereof, then it may be a while until a matching dog arrives. However, we find that people who have less-stringent criteria usually find a match within a very short time due to the sheer number of Italian Greyhounds needing rehomed.

Adopting from Another State

On occasion you may be able to adopt a dog from a neighboring state if there are no fitting dogs in your area. This is at the discretion of your local rescue representative in coordination with the rescue representative for that area. If you are approved to adopt from a neighboring state, you will be required to pick up the dog in-person, and will be fully responsible for any costs related to transporting the animal, including health certificates, transportation fares, cost of gasoline, etc. Long distance adoptions are rarely done due to the complexity of transportation and risk of a dog escaping. However, in special circumstances or for hard-to-place dogs exceptions may be made with the approval of the regional coordinators. We encourage you to work with your local rescue to consider dogs locally and be patient because a fitting IG will soon arrive in all likelihood.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adopting

We get a lot of questions related to the process and some of the most are outlined on our FAQ page.

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