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Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

Sponsored by the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation

Texas Hurricane Relief for IGCA Rescue

Some of our long term fosters in Texas have lost their homes, or sustained substantial damages. Please consider helping them recover so we are able to help intake dogs in need in Texas again. Check out how to help them recover.

Biggy Iggy Auction - August & September

Let the bidding begin! The 2017 Biggy Iggy Auction has 40-50 items every week throughout August and September.
Click here, then scroll down, to check out all the great items for bidding!

Italian Greyhound Colors, Patterns, and Markings

People often do not know what color or pattern their dogs have, or the markings which can help identify their dogs if lost or found. Sometimes it is tricky to determine, but more often than not it is pretty straight forward.

The Rainbow of Italian Greyhound Colors

Although IGs do not come in green, yellow or purple, there is a wide variety of colors you will see for Italian Greyhounds, and each is shown below with pictures demonstrating that color. We have tried to organize similar looking colors together to hopefully illustrate the differences between them.

Italian Greyhound Patterns & Markings

The patterns above may or may not have each of the following features...

One color NOT seen in Italian Greyhounds is brindle, which is commonly seen in their larger cousins, the Whippet and (full-size) Greyhound...

And for Fun...

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