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Feeding and Weight Maintenance

The food you feed your Italian Greyhound is one of the primary ways that you can actively influence their health and lifespan. There are a number of viewpoints on what the "best" dog food is, but in truth, what is important is which food best meets your IG's individual needs; finding this sometimes requires a little trial and error.

Raw, Home-cooked, and Fresh Diets

Some owners have reported improved health in their IG upon switching them to a raw diet. In theory, a raw diet comprised mainly of meat, bone, and organs is the best, most appropriate food for dogs because it is the freshest and least processed. In contrast, kibble or canned food is highly processed, contains some degree of non-nutritive filler, and when cooked compromises nutritional integrity and is more difficult to digest.

Some owners who feed a raw diet choose from a variety of pre-made brands that are available at better pet food stores; these options range from patties or nuggets of frozen raw food which can be defrosted and fed as needed, to freeze-dried or dehydrated raw food which are shelf-stable and can be mixed with water and served.

Other owners do careful research to design their own raw or home-cooked diet; in this case, owners might find a consultation with a veterinary nutritionist helpful. There are also a number of online forums and websites that focus exclusively on raw diets for dogs.

A fresh refrigerated diet is a commercial product that approximates a home-cooked diet, and is available for purchase at pet food stores. This food has been pasteurized and lightly cooked, and must be refrigerated.

A raw, home-cooked, or fresh diet is especially worth considering if your dog has existing health concerns including allergies, skin issues, chronic ear infections, immune issues, and digestive issues.

Guidelines if choosing a kibble or canned dog food for your Italian Greyhound

Grain-free kibble or canned food

Some Italian Greyhounds are sensitive to grains (corn, wheat, rice, oats, barley, rye, soybeans, millet, etc.), and enjoy better health when fed a grain-free food. It is important to remember that any grain-free kibble will have an alternative carbohydrate source such as sweet potato, peas, or potato, and some dogs also have difficulty with these alternative carbohydrates. A grain-free diet is especially worth considering if your dog has an existing health condition such as allergies, skin issues, chronic ear infections, immune issues, and digestive issues.

Follow these guidelines to keep your IG at a healthy weight

Feeding "People" Foods

Your Italian Greyhound can enjoy a number of fresh "people" foods as treats. Many lean meats, fruits, and vegetables are great additions to a healthy diet. However, it is important to remember that people food has calories too, and need to be accounted for when maintaining your IG's weight. There are also a number of people foods that are dangerous to dogs and should never be fed.


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