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Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation


Multiple people have reported an ongoing scam with a new website selling Italian Greyhound puppies and deposits being taken. If you find a website that you cannot verify the breeder, cannot video chat, are requested to wire money, send via money gram, or gift cards then IT IS LIKELY A SCAM.

Paycheck Contributions

Many companies, both large and small, allow employees to donate to charity directly from their paychecks. Workplace giving is a really easy way to donate to your favorite causes on an ongoing basis and help the causes you value most. As a non-profit organization, the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation is a charitable organization that qualifies for such gifts. And, many employers even match a portion of your paycheck contributions to charity organizations, thus making your contribution to Italian Greyhound Rescue go further.

How Do Payroll Deductions Benefit Me?

There are quite a few benefits you receive from direct payroll deductions, and a few are as follows:

These are only a few reasons you may want to consider on-going paycheck donations to the IGRF as part of your charitable contributions.

Gifts to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation are easy and efficient when done via paycheck donations. If you are interested in further information we encourage you to ask your employer about paycheck donations and any paycheck matching program offered. The Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation is available to help you complete any forms required so your donations can benefit the Italian Greyhounds waiting for forever homes. There is a good chance that your employer, either private or public offers a payroll donation option, so take advantage of it where it is offered!

We also recommend you look in to the finances of any charities you choose to support. You probably want your donation to be used to the fullest extent, and over 99% of donations to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation are used to help the dogs directly, not to compensate over-paid executives, send out massive amounts of marketing materials, or other unnecessary costs. As a volunteer-only, foster home based organization our operating costs are very minimal compared even to the vast majority of animal shelters.

Finally, please consider your personal finances before making donations to any charity. The annual average giving per person has been estimated at 3.2%. Your personal finances should come first, and donations to any charity should be considered next. Once you do the math based on your annual income, you may be surprised at the amount you are able to contribute on an on-going basis.

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