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Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

Sponsored by the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation

2020 Italian Greyhound 13 Month Calendars

A 8.5" x 11" full color calendar featuring Italian Greyhounds and animal pets from every walk of life. Only $12 with shipping included.

All sales benefit IGRF to help pay our vet bills.

Limited supply available so click here to buy one before their gone!

Wish List - Needed Nationally

We sometimes have people ask us "What can I donate to rescue to help care for the foster dogs?" We can always use monetary donations to pay for medical bills, however we know that some people would rather donate non-monetary items. Most of the things our local rescues can use are small and cost little, however we could use some larger items too. The items listed below are new items, but if you have gently used items we can accept those too if you donate them to your local or state Italian Greyhound Rescue affiliate.

Donated Services

Table Banner Printing - 2'x6' banners custom printed with our state affiliate logos to use at pet shows, at booths in retail pet stores, and many other local events and fairs.

Advertising - Newspaper, magazine, radio or television advertising helps us get more Italian Greyhounds in to new forever homes. So many people just do not realize either a local or national Italian Greyhound Rescue exists, so they don't even consider it before purchasing a dog elsewhere.

Daily Care Items

Dog Food - Talk to your local rescues to see what foods they use, and pick up a bag of it to say thanks. All of our foster homes pay for food out-of-pocket, so it is always appreciated.

Laundry Detergent - With so many dogs, there is an endless need for washing blankets and beds, so help keep our Italian Greyhound foster dogs cuddled up in clean bedding.

Cleaning Supplies - Disinfectant sprays or wipes, bleach, and other sanitation products are regular needs in our foster homes.

Potty Pads - We do get dogs in who are potty pad trained, and often try to keep them doing the same in their foster homes.

Gift Cards - Have some gift cards left over? Why not give them to rescue? We can use cards from grocery, pet supply, home improvement, gas stations, office supply and auto part stores to name a few.

Postage Stamps - We try to be environmental when we can by using electronic documents, however we do in some instances need to send adoption applications, contracts or vet records via postal mail.

Long Use Items

ThunderShirts - For the doggies who need that safety blanket to make them feel more safe around people, during storms or just to calm the nerves in general.

Plug-In Kennel Warmers - Similar to a heating pad, but made for pet wear/tear and going underneath a kennel for long-term use. Used in our foster homes for cooler or winter nights to keep the plastic kennels off the cold floor, or at indoor adoption events where the thermostat can't be adjusted. One example can be found at Petco, but many other stores and online retailers offer similar products too

Plastic Folding Tables (6' or 8') - We do have booths, and to save money we have to bring our own tables. Plastic tables are the most reliable since events may be either indoor our outdoor. Plus, they hold up to the wear and tear of the doggies better.

Plexiglass Information Stands and Donation Containers - Help to distribute information at our events, and collect much-needed donations to keep us operating.

Tablets or Laptop Computers (New or Used) - At booths, we can't take all of our adoptable dogs, so having a tablet handy is useful to show people pictures of other adoptable IGs.

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