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Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

Sponsored by the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation

Want to know what our rescue does?

Check out this really cool video some of our volunteers put together highlighting a few
Italian Greyhounds we have helped in 2018.

Consider supporting the Italian Greyhound Rescue this holiday season, or throughout the
entire year by joining the Circle of Caring.

Toxic or Poisonous Items for Italian Greyhounds

Many people know about basic food that should not be given to dogs, but there are far more things around the house which are just as harmful and even more in some instances. Please take time and review the list of items below, which are known to be poisonous or toxic to dogs. The first two items are denoted separately since a crisis has started in the last few years due to new formulas or ingredients being used.


Here is a short list of foods that should not be given to any Italian Greyhound or other pets, even in small doses:

For a much more detailed list of other foods, check out the Pet Poison Helpline website.


Common household or landscaping plants can cause sickness in Italian Greyhounds too. Pets commonly resort to eating grass or other greenery when they have an upset stomach, so a plant within easy access to a pet could make a dog even sicker. Common household plants which should be avoided where IGs can access them include:

This list is not at all comprehensive, so please check the websites below for more information.

Italian Greyhound Club of America
Local Meetups






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