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General Surrender Information

We know it can be very difficult to surrender an Italian Greyhound, because often it is due to reasons beyond control. We try to make this process as easy as possible for both the owners and the dog. We will work with you to determine a good date and time to transfer the dog to one of our foster homes. We understand that sometimes relinquishing a dog works best when children are at school, or family members can assist in order to minimize household impact.

If you are located in a rural area, or city where we do not have volunteers, we will likely need help getting the dog moved to a foster home. Depending on the week, we may be able to find a volunteer to meet you part of the way, other times it may be more of a challenge. Since we are an all-volunteer based group (and have regular jobs too), we sometimes need a few days or weeks to figure out where a dog will be fostered. So, if you are considering surrendering your Italian Greyhound(s), please give us as much advanced notice as possible.

When an Italian Greyhound is surrendered we do ask for a few basic things to help the dog's transition, keep our costs down, and help ensure the dog settles as quickly as possible. These things are listed below so you know what we may ask for.

  1. Veterinary Records - Please call your vet office and request copies of all medical records for the IG(s) being surrendered. This will help us provide the best medical care based on the information we are provided, and prevent over-vaccination. Some vets require the owner to call and get pet medical records, and will not release them to rescue without prior consent.
  2. Medication - If the dog takes any medications, please supply these when the dog is surrendered. This includes both prescribed medications and any over-the-counter supplements such as allergy medications which the dog needs on an ongoing basis.
  3. Leftover Food - Send any leftover food, or at least a week supply, along with the dogs. This will allow our foster homes to transition to a new food slowly and minimize the chances of diarrhea occurring due to a sudden change in diet. If you do not have any food remaining, please let us know the brand you use to help the dog transition.
  4. Favorite Toys - Many dogs have a favorite toy, blanket, or other item they just can't live without. We get asked if such things can be sent with the dog, and the answer is YES! It also helps if you rub the item on your arm to give the dog a familiar scent in their new surroundings.
  5. List of Commands/Tricks - Every home uses slightly different terminology with their pets, and making a list of these phrases or words will help the dog settle faster. Some examples include: kennel up, go potty, treat (or cookie), get down, plus a variety of other commands used in obedience. Nicknames also may be helpful here too.
  6. Feeding/Potty Schedule and Tips - List out times when your dog generally eats, spends time in the kennel, and needs to go outside. Include any signs or behaviors they may give to indicate they need something (food, potty, etc). Or things that help them to eat (soft food, having people in the room, etc.)
  7. Other Helpful Information - Feel free to write out a page or two about the dog, history, or any other information you feel would be helpful when transitioning to a foster home or in to a new home. A few examples could include favorite treats, if they dig in the trash or dig holes in the yard, don't like cats, big dogs or other animals, of if they try to dart out of doors or gates.
  8. Surrender Donation - A recommended, but optional, donation to rescue to help us with the costs of food, shots, dental cleaning or other medical needs while in a foster home. We understand that often the situation surrounding a surrender may be financial, and will not turn away a dog simply because you cannot make a donation. Or if you prefer to give a smaller donation that is appreciated too, since we are a non-profit and operate solely on donations received to support our cause.

To start the relinquishment process, please contact your local or state affiliate of the Italian Greyhound Rescue foundation, and download a copy of our relinquishment form for each dog you are relinquishing. Surrendering an Italian Greyhound isn't always easy, and we hope that you will be at-ease knowing your IG will receive the care it deserves, and potential homes will be screened thoroughly to ensure a great fit.

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