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Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

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2020 Italian Greyhound 13 Month Calendars

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Keeping Your Italian Greyhound

We help a lot of Italian Greyhounds every year find new homes, but wouldn't it be better that they stay in their original homes? Well, sometimes it may be better, and other times maybe not. It really is situation dependent. Moving a dog from one home to a foster home, and then again to a new home can be stressful on the dog. So, if we can give you some advice to help keep an IG at your home, please let us know. Our website is full of valuable information, but it can't answer everything, so please contact your local Italian Greyhound Rescue to help give you more information or help to keep an IG.

Moving to an Apartment

Just because you are moving to a different city or have to downsize to an apartment, this isn't always a reason you need to surrender your pets. There are sites like My Apartment Map that will help you identify pet-friendly places to live.

Senior Dogs

It can be particularly hard on a senior dog to change homes. And, they are also the most difficult to find homes for unfortunately, even though they are usually the sweetest, most well-adjusted, and easiest dogs to handle. As dogs age, they may need let outdoors more frequently. Senior dogs do generally need a slight schedule modification if they are having potty issues, but the adjustment is usually minimal. We often see when senior animals are turned in, they seem to really not have any issues when their signals are recognized. If a senior dog is having incontinence issues, a few belly bands or diapers may help keep the issue under control.

Potty Issues

We don't hide the fact that potty issues are one of the primary reasons we get Italian Greyhounds in to rescue. It can be a little frustrating at times, but often when we intake a dog in to rescue we find they don't have potty issues at all. Simply putting them on a regular routine and monitoring when they eat or drink seems to solve the issues at hand. We have a lot more tips on our housetraining page to help owners overcome potty training issues.

Military Deployments

Every so often an Italian Greyhound needs surrendered due to a military deployment. This can be a tough situation since it is not a short-term defined period of time. In the past we have had the rare instance where a foster home has been able to care for an Italian Greyhound during a military deployment, or we have been able to find another IG owner or retiree who volunteers to watch iggys during that time. Although this isn't always possible, please contact your local Italian Greyhound Rescue to see if they may be able to find assistance. This is not a free service offered by our affiliates if they can help, rather it is something that you will need to negotiate a set fee per week, paid in advance, for the dog's care as you would with any veterinary office or boarding kennel.***

There are other groups specifically dedicated to helping our wonderful military personnel upon deployment orders. Those we are currently aware of include:

Temporary Household Moves

Similar to military deployments, sometimes people are forced in to a situation where they have to move temporarily for a couple of weeks or months in to a housing situation that doesn't allow pets. In such situations we would much rather see the dogs go back to their original homes than needing to be adopted to a new home. Although this is not something common, it does happen and if we have available resources we may be able to help on a very limited basis. If you are changing homes and need short-term assistance housing your Italian Greyhound(s), please let your local rescue know. They may be able to find someone to help care for your IG(s) on a short-term basis for a donation that will benefit the Italian Greyhound Rescue.***

***Putting a dog in a temporary home may cause undue stress similar to re-homing a dog, and the dog may try to escape in order to find their owners. We do our absolute best in helping every dog in our care, however we cannot control the will of the dog, and will not be held responsible for run-away pets. Additionally, dogs can develop medical issues over time, those that suddenly arise, or injuries which can occur in any location, in which instances the owners will be responsible for the cost of the medical treatment. A contract between the organization and pet owners will be required to ensure that such extremes have been considered and costs will be fully paid or reimbursed by the owners, and a deposit may be required additionally.

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