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Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

Sponsored by the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation

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Surrender Form

The surrender questionnaire is intended to provide us with as much information as possible regarding your pet. It will help the foster home in understanding the dog, ensure a more smooth transition, and potentially help match it with a pre-approved home, or any potential adopters who express interest.

Completing this form will give us basic information about the dog(s), and let us know you plan on surrendering your Italian Greyhound(s) to rescue within a short time. We appreciate whatever information you can provide. Once you complete the form, the nearest rescue rep will reach out and request current pictures of your Italian Greyhound(s). If you prefer to fill this out on paper to mail or fax when completed, download a printable copy.

Surrender An Italian Greyhound

Contact Information

Your Name 

Your Email 

Your Phone 

Owner Name (if different) 

Owner Phone (if different) 

Owner Address (Street, City, State & Zip) 

Location of Dog(s)



Dog Information

Name of Dog(s) 

Gender of Dog(s) 

Age of Dog(s) 

Weight of Dog(s) 

Color of Dog(s) 

Microchip ID or Tattoo 

Is the dog a full Italian Greyhound or Mix? 


Housetraining Habits? 

Crate Training 

Likes Other Dogs? 

Friendly with Cats? 

Willingly Approaches: 


Behavioral Issues: 

Some Potty Accidents
Marks Things in House
Serious Housetraining Issues
Separation Anxiety
Nervous in Vehicles
House Destructive
Always Barking
Nipping or Biting
Runs Out of Doors/Gates
Climbs Fencing
Food Protective or Aggressive
Eats Poop Sometimes

Where does the dog stay during the day and sleep at night?
How many hours alone per day and when?

Feeding Schedule

What brand of dog food is fed? 

Which formula? (i.e., chicken, beef, salmon, etc.) 

Type of Food 

Amount of Food Consumed Daily 

Feeding Schedule 

What times does feeding occur usually? 


Last Veterinary Visit for the Dog(s) 

Name and Phone of Veterinarian 

Permission to Contact Vet? 

Given Heartworm Prevention? 

Date of Last Heartworm Preventative 

Spayed or Neutered 

Currently has or Exhibits Signs of: 

Fleas, Ticks, Mange or Dry Skin (Itching)
Diarrhea/Intestinal Worms
Allergies (Chest or Paws Irritated/Chews at Paws)

Vaccinations are Up-to-date for: 

Bordatella (Kennel Cough)
Leptospirosis (Lepto)
Lyme Disease
Canine Influenza (Flu)

List any medication, frequency given and medical conditions being treated.

Other Medical Concerns
(Please detail below.) 

Bad Teeth/Smelly Breath
Hip or Knee Issues
Seizures (Specify Frequency)
Thyroid Issues
Medicine Sensitivity or Reactions
Broken Leg(s)
Difficulty with Anesthesia

Additional details of any concerns noted above,
or other medical issues that are known (or suspected).

General Personality or Temperament of Dog(s)

Ownership Details & Past History

When, where and from whom did purchase or adoption the dog(s) happen?
(Please be specific and include previous history if known.)

Surrender Details

Urgency of Placement 

Primary Reason(s) for Surrender

Other Comments - Please take a moment to write down your IG's favorite items, habits, keywords or tricks known, or any other information you would like a new owner to be aware of that may make his/her transition to the new home a little easier; for example, favorite snacks, treats, toys, favorite spots to be rubbed, etc.

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Usually the relinquishment process takes a few days, depending your availability to meet with a volunteer, and when space becomes available in a foster home. This may take slightly longer around holidays, or if you live in a rural area where distances may add complexity to transferring the dog to rescue.

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