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Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation


Multiple people have reported an ongoing scam with a new website selling Italian Greyhound puppies and deposits being taken. If you find a website that you cannot verify the breeder, cannot video chat, are requested to wire money, send via money gram, or gift cards then IT IS LIKELY A SCAM.

Gently Used Dog Items

Our local and state affiliates are almost always looking for gently used doggie items to use for our foster dogs. It doesn't make sense to ship them across the country, if they can be used locally, so please contact your local or state affiliate of the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation to see where you can drop off your donations or mail them. Things we can commonly use:

Some of our affiliates also accept other donations such as used printer cartridges, small electronic devices, laptops, and even used shoes to recycle in fundraising programs. When you contact your local rescue representative, see what other items they accept to help keep our program saving more Italian Greyhounds well in to the future! And if your local rescue doesn't accept some of the other items, you can see other ways you can donate such products to still help our foster pups.

Local Meetups