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Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

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Montana Italian Greyhound Rescue

MT Rescue Reps

Michelle Mehling
Baker, MT
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Italian Greyhound Rescue in Montana gained a solid foothold late in 2016 when the first in-state rescue rep was established. Before then, Montana had been served for years by the rescue reps in North Dakota and Minnesota. However, dating back even further, Italian Greyhounds in Montana had been surrendered and placed in to homes from states as far away as Nebraska.

The overall size of Montana introduces challenges in accepting and placing dogs within the state. Driving from the North Dakota border to Billings takes 3 hours, and it is another 5 hours to the Western border. The larger cities generally lay within Western to Central MT, often with an hour or more drive between. The Montana Italian Greyhound Rescue volunteers drive long distances to do home visits, and to accept dogs in to rescue.

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