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Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

Sponsored by the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation

2020 Italian Greyhound 13 Month Calendars

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Boroughs & Beyond Italian Greyhound Rescue (in New Jersey)


NJ Rescue Reps

Kaylee White
Hamilton, NJ
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Italian Greyhound Rescue in New Jersey started off in the 1990's, when an IGCA member was placing unwanted Italian Greyhounds in to new homes on an as-needed basis. The New Jersey affiliate really came to form around the year 2000, when the NYC affiliate became more involved just inside NJ, began connecting with area shelters statewide, and also started helping in parts of Eastern Pennsylvania.

The number of dogs surrendered in New Jersey rose rapidly after the group started, with about 70% of the dogs coming from private homes, and many dogs from local animal shelters too. For a few years, between 2014-16, the number of dogs decreased and the group became less active. However, new volunteers since have revitalized the group as Boroughs & Beyond IGCA Rescue, and are again accepting and placing dogs across the entire state of NJ. There are regular play groups (meetups) being held in central and Northern NJ, and any Italian Greyhound owners are welcome to attend. Please feel free to reach out for more information regarding how to surrender, adopt, or participate in upcoming events.

The Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation is a registered animal rescue organization with the State of New Jersey.

Local Meetups